Friday's Faces of the Past: Individual Portraits

As family history month draws to a close so does our photographic feature from the mystery Album #224. If you have not been following this series throughout August then I encourage you to have a  browse of the photographs in the previous Friday blogs and as you never know, you may recognise someone from your family's past.

Charles Henry Manning's photography studio in Christchurch was in operation from 1887 to 1895. So we know where and approximately when the picture was taken and by whom, but it does not get us any closer to discovering who this pleasant-looking young lady was.

C.H. Manning,  Christchurch.
Thomas Edward Price operated his studio T.E. Price in Timaru for only a period of three years from 1875 to 1878 and we believe this is when this photograph was taken.  Price was originally from New South Wales and made the journey to New Zealand in 1863. Towards the end of 1878 he went into partnership with another photographer, Rudolph Haigh, as Price & Haigh in Timaru. His photography business operated in multiple locations around the country until 1895.

T.E. Price photographer.
This woman's photograph was taken by T. Plimmer who established his Belfast studio in 1860, but other than that fact, we know very little about him and we don't have any clues to help identify the woman.

T. Plimmer photograph.
I had another look through the photographs from this album and I noticed that the same person was in at least three of the individual portraits. Each one captures this mystery man at different point in his life and offers a nice glimpse of how he matured throughout the years.

Photographed by Alfred Thomas Robottom, Christchurch, c.1878.
Photographed by William Sherlock, Christchurch, c.1871- c.1890.
Photographer, location and date are all unknown.
If you have any information to share about this last group of photographs, please contact us at the Central Auckland Research Centre on 307 7771 or send us an email at:

If anyone is interested in viewing the original album it is held in Sir George Grey Special Collections and is identified as Album #224.


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