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Resources about early settlers in Auckland Province

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Roll of early settlers and descendants in the Auckland Province to the end of 1852.
The compilation of a Roll of early settlers of the Auckland Province was undertaken as a Centennial effort and entrusted to the Early Settlers and descendants sub-committee of the Auckland Provincial Centennial Council. The roll contains the names (so far as these have been able to be ascertained) of all persons (other than members of the Maori Race) who settled or were born in the Province before the end of 1852.
The Roll is set out in three columns.
1. Name and life period.
2. Vessel and date of arrival in New Zealand or first known place of residence 
3. If born in New Zealand.
This volume is available at a number of libraries in New Zealand. Over a number of years Auckland City Libraries have been augmenting and correcting this publication. It is strongly recommended that you consult the heavily annotated version, a copy of which is on the shelf in the Auckland Research Centre at   2 NZL SET AKD
Old Colonists membership roll (NZMS 493)
This membership book covers the period c. 10 Oct 1919 – 16 Nov 1934. It contains the following information:-
  • Date of enrolment
  • badge number
  • address at time of enrolment
  • when & where born
  • date of arrival in NZ
  • name of ship (if parents/grandparents arrived separately sometimes both ships are named)
  • miscellaneous remarks.
It should be noted that membership was not limited to those who had immigrated as a number of members have been born in New Zealand but to either immigrant parents or grandparents. The remarks column usually gives either details of parents names (including the mother’s maiden name), “deceased” or deceased and date of death. However, there are also a number of interesting comments to be found in this column such as:

… first baker to bake bread for sale in Auckland
100 years of age when registered
… Went to Tauranga & were there at the time of the Te Kooti scare. The troops were at that time stationed at Gate Pah.
Niece of …
… applicant claims to be 1st White born (Otamatea …)
Born on the night of the High St fire under burning …. of Ben Howells(?) Hotel mother having been removed from near the drapery … where the fire started. Father gave the fire alarm.
Father living at Sydney aged 85 years
Parents did not come to N.Z.
This volume is held in Special Collections. All entries are indexed on Index Auckland

Internet library of early journals

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Internet Library of Early Journals
More and more material is being digitised and made available on the Internet. One such site is the Internet Library of Early Journals which is a joint project by the Universities of Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and Oxford, conducted under the auspices of the eLib (Electronic Libraries) Programme.    They have digitised at least 20 consecutive years of:
Gentleman’s magazine                                          1731-1750
A British –focused miscellany of information about people, places and events including news summaries, biographies and obituary notices.
Annual Register                                                       1758-1778
An annual survey of European and world events from a British perspective. It includes a section on births, marriages, promotions, appointments and deaths.
Auckland City Libraries has The Annual Register from 1758 to date. There is an index which covers 1758-1819. We have also created an index of names mentioned in this publication up until 1839.
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society 1757-1777
Started in 1660, initially as a forum for the publication of scientific papers of both a general and a specialized nature, although increasingly a learned journal carrying refereed papers from established scientists.

Notes and queries
 “A medium of intercommunication for literary men, artists, antiquaries, genealogists etc” carrying brief reports of completed research on humanities and related subjects  and questions inviting answers in subsequent issues
The Builder                                                            1843-1852
a mine of information on domestic and foreign building developments from the perspective of the architect, engineer, constructor and art historian, including accounts of new buildings, materials, processes and books, and articles on ancient monuments and other historic buildings
Blackwoods Edinburgh magazine                         1843-1863
Started in 1817. It is a medium for imaginative literature, publishing English poetry, essays and especially prose fiction, and pioneering the presentation of European literature (particularly German) to a British audience
Auckland City Libraries has this magazine from 1817-1980. The earlier issues contain a monthly register which includes a British chronicle. This chronicle included such things as promotions and appointments, and birth, deaths and marriages. Looking through the volumes held at Auckland City libraries I was able to find a section on marriages until June 1831.
The value of these magazines for family history researchers goes beyond the lists of names that we are all intent on perusing. They are useful as a tool to get the look and feel of another time and aid you in contextualising the people you are researching.

School lists

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A new project is born.
While looking through the family history section one day, I noted that we only had a few school lists/ registers etc on the shelf.

I realised that this was quite misleading as it gave the impression that this was all we had.
We have been trawling the basements, the Auckland Research Centre and Special Collections to create a spreadsheet of all the school lists, registers, histories, yearbooks etc, that are held by  Auckland City Libraries. 

We have been recording all items that contain
  • class lists
  • lists of teachers
  • photographs, (particularly named photographs)
  • anything else noteworthy.
In short anything that contains information that would be of interest to family history researchers. 

 I am absolutely amazed at the depth of the collection which includes school histories from all over New Zealand.  Examples from the spreadsheet are:
  •  Beresford Street school diamond jubilee in 1938. Part of this book is a list of as many pupils as they have managed to name.
  • Wharereora school in Whangarei includes named class photos between 1914-1969.
  • Lyndhurst school  in Ashburton. The centenary publication includes staff lists and named school photos between 1917 and 1986.
  • Avondale College yearbooks 1946-2007. Contains class lists; staff lists; some named photographs
  • Rotorua Girls High School magazine 1959-1976. Contains staff lists; class lists; prize lists; some named photographs.
When this project is finished it will provide a better sense of what is to be found in  all the primary, secondary and tertiary school histories and yearbooks both for New Zealand and overseas which are held at Auckland City Libraries.