School lists

A new project is born.
While looking through the family history section one day, I noted that we only had a few school lists/ registers etc on the shelf.

I realised that this was quite misleading as it gave the impression that this was all we had.
We have been trawling the basements, the Auckland Research Centre and Special Collections to create a spreadsheet of all the school lists, registers, histories, yearbooks etc, that are held by  Auckland City Libraries. 

We have been recording all items that contain
  • class lists
  • lists of teachers
  • photographs, (particularly named photographs)
  • anything else noteworthy.
In short anything that contains information that would be of interest to family history researchers. 

 I am absolutely amazed at the depth of the collection which includes school histories from all over New Zealand.  Examples from the spreadsheet are:
  •  Beresford Street school diamond jubilee in 1938. Part of this book is a list of as many pupils as they have managed to name.
  • Wharereora school in Whangarei includes named class photos between 1914-1969.
  • Lyndhurst school  in Ashburton. The centenary publication includes staff lists and named school photos between 1917 and 1986.
  • Avondale College yearbooks 1946-2007. Contains class lists; staff lists; some named photographs
  • Rotorua Girls High School magazine 1959-1976. Contains staff lists; class lists; prize lists; some named photographs.
When this project is finished it will provide a better sense of what is to be found in  all the primary, secondary and tertiary school histories and yearbooks both for New Zealand and overseas which are held at Auckland City Libraries.

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