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Guest post: Historical New Zealand BDM's now online

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Guest contributor: Bridget Simpson

As you probably know by now we are lucky  to have New Zealand historical BDM's accessible online.

There is more to this searchable website than meets the eye. Click on the Timeline for a wealth of facts to help you in your New Zealand research for, say, finding a marriage. Did you know that it was up to as late as 1933 that 12 year old girls and 14 year old boys were able to marry? Or that in 1911 a separate registration for Maori marriages was introduced?

What information is actually available online?
  • Births that occurred at least 100 years ago
  • Still births that occurred at least 50 years ago
  • Marriages, and eventually Civil Unions, that occurred 80 years ago
  • Deaths that occurred at least 50 years ago or the deceased's date of birth was at least 80 years ago
Although official registrations didn't start until 1848 there are earlier records taken from church and place registers dating back to 1840 included.

When seaching you will be asked to include two mandatory fields; one has to be the family name, the other a seach from date.  If you want to search the entire family name or have no idea when to start searching from, simply type in 01/01/1840. Of course, for a specific search, the more detail the better. You are able to order a printout or certificate online, unless you require a certificate for legal reasons our preference is for the printout because of the extra information it usually includes.