Friday's Faces from the Past: Littlies

This week's photographs from our mystery Album 224 feature gorgeous portraits of children. To find out more about how we acquired this collection of images please read the blog post from last week.

For this first photograph we don't have any clues except for a lovely smiling face.

Portrait of a boy, date unknown.

Another lovely image for you, a young lad with very stylish hair! Perhaps he is posing with his younger sister?

Eden George cabinet card, Christchurch, date unknown.

A cute babe with sun-kissed arms seated on a fur skin. On the reverse side of this tot's portrait someone has written 'Aunt Libby', not much of a clue but it may have meaning for some one's family?
Photographer: Packer &  Co., date unknown.

If any of these little faces are familiar to your family's history, we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at the Central Auckland Research Centre on 307 7771 or send us an email at:


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