Faces from the Past: Group Portraits

Another instalment of the Album #224 mini-series, this week's focus is on group portraits. We are making an assumption that these are couples and family groupings but we are not sure of the relationships. Interestingly, in all of these featured portraits the individuals were captured with neutral facial expressions - at best! When did people actually start smiling for the camera?

This first photograph was taken in Belfast by E.T. Church. He was an active photographer from 1870-1879 throughout Europe and the UK. Husband and wife?

Photograph by E.T. Church.

A young couple? Unfortunately her left hand isn't visible so we can't tell if she is wearing a wedding ring or not. 

Cabinet card photograph by Eden George Co. Ltd., Christchurch, no date.

This photograph has been interpreted as a family portrait, most likely a mother and her daughters? Count the number of young ladies . . . . yes, there are ten!

Another cabinet card by Eden George Co. Ltd., Christchurch, undated.

Probably another family photographed together - a young lady with her parents? The outdoor setting is quite refreshing and perhaps this photograph was taken to commemorate a special occasion? We do not have any additional information regarding the photographer, P. Ginn, but this is the only example of their work mentioned in Auckland Libraries Photographers database.

Portrait by P. Ginn Photography of Linwood, no date.

If you recognise anyone in these photographs we would love to hear from you! Please contact us at the Central Auckland Research Centre on 307 7771 or send us an email at: library.centralheritage@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz

Next week is our last instalment.


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