Travel Tuesday: Come and live and play in New Zealand

 While we are a small nation of immigrants, its interesting to think about our appeal to the rest of the world, and how we are marketed overseas.

A new book Selling the Dream: Classic New Zealand Tourism Posters based on the Canterbury Museum Exhibition of the same name, showcases the appeal of New Zealand to those who came to visit and - who knows - may well have decided to stay.

The book is made up of 50 tourism posters from the 1920s to 1960s, posters that sought to promote the "glamour of travel and New Zealand's tourism attractions of the day." To use a cliché, the pages are a visual feast of art, arranged according to headings including Maoriland, recreation, landmarks, trains and planes, and scenic wonderland.

The cover image is a poster promoting South Westland that cleverly tapped into the popularity of Western movies of the 1950s with its scenic backdrop and farmer making his way along the river. It was painted by Marcus King (1891-1984), the Tourism and Publicity Department's official artist, who, a recent book on the man himself suggested, was New Zealand's most viewed artist.

And what about this this gorgeous poster from the Tourism Dept (1936) promoting... fishing! It was painted by Railways Department artist, Maurice Poulton (1909-1983). Interestingly, after his retirement in 1955, Poulton developed a very keen interest in fly fishing. (I love that pipe!)

This is a lovely book to browse and admire these wonderful artists and, let's face it, with 'natural' events of late, its always good to remind ourselves just what is good about this truly beautiful, albeit earthquake-prone country. There are several copies of Selling the Dream in Auckland Libraries for you to look at... but I think this is one book that would make a lovely gift for somebody this Christmas.
Joanne - Central Research

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