Treasure Chest Thursday: Fijian Birth, Death and Marriage Records

We have Fijian birth, death and marriage records on microfilm on permanent loan from the LDS in the Central Auckland Research Centre. They are divided into the categories General, Fijian, Indian and European and are helpfully indexed.

This is an example of an index, taken from Fiji births, general index 1876-1960.

A birth record may give you date, name, sex, parent’s names and ages, whether married, previous children, profession and parents’ birth place, with signature or their ‘mark’. This example is from Births general 1883-1891.

This example is from Births general 1911 in Fiji (although the child was born in 1888 the birth wasn't registered until later, along with two of his other siblings).

There are, as is probably to be expected, inconsistencies within the four categories. Finding Indian deaths in the reel of Deaths European 1918 in Fiji is common.

Death certificates for Fijian deaths 1877 are written in Fijian.

Marriages Fijian 1876 are written in English, as are marriages Indian and General.

Essentially though, there is a wealth of information to be found in these films for the family historian with an interest in Fiji.


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