Treasure Chest Thursday: the "best of British" newspapers

The Digital Library now contains three fantastic new newspaper resources:
  • The Sunday Times Digital Archive provides access to 180 years of the Sunday Times newspaper from 1822 to 2006.
    Coverage includes:
    - Theatre

    - Sport

    - Politics
Alf Hallworth wearing adults hat and reading newspaper
Showing Alf Hallworth wearing adults hat and
reading newspaper,outside front door of
family home at Pepper Street, Hastings

Sir George Grey Special Collections,
Auckland Libraries, 807-9362

  • The Daily Mail Historical Archive incorporates more than 100 years of the Daily Mail newspaper, from 1896 to 2004.
    The archive comprises advertisements, news stories, and images and coverage includes:
    - WWI and WWII  

    - Women and gender

    - Home and lifestyle

    - Crime

    - Popular politics

    - The great depression

  • Gale NewsVault is a single interface enabling the cross-search of all Auckland Libraries' Gale historical newspaper archives at the same time.*
    - 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers
    - 19th Century British Library Newspapers Part 1

    - 19th Century British Library Newspapers: Part 2

    - 19th Century U.S. Newspapers

    - Daily Mail Historical Archive 

    - Illustrated London News Historical Archive

    - Picture Post Historical Archive

    - Sunday Times Digital Archive

    - Times Literary Supplement Historical Archive

    - Times Digital Archive

*Note that the British Newspapers Archive (BNA) is not part of the Gale historical newspapers archives, but we do have separate access to it.

Have a look at the complete index of all our newspaper databases available for you to search to assist you with your research.

Happy hunting


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