Treasure Chest Thursday: The Treasury, Thames

Recently, Marie and I travelled down to Thames for the biennial Thames Family History Expo.

When we travel away like this, we usually try to make best use of time and visit other libraries, museums or archives to see what they have.

The Treasury, The Coromandel Heritage Trust

What a great opportunity for us then, to go and visit The Treasury?

The Coromandel Heritage Trust was founded in 2003 to establish the Treasury. In 2004 The Treasury was opened in the old Carnegie Free Library.

In March 2014, a new extension was built adjacent - and the new archive was opened. 

We were very fortunate to be given a guided tour of the both interconnected buildings, and their resources.

The Treasury Archives

The archive building is fitted out with shelving, gas fire suppression system and temperature controlled rooms. There are loads of manuscripts and photographs and other treasures stored and awaiting for the Trust to catalogue and put away in their new archive facilities.

Time capsule in the Archive Room
There is also a "time capsule" waiting to be opened in 100 years time.

In the Reading Room, there were many shelves filled with resources and research related to people from Thames and surrounding districts.

Some of the resources on the
Reading Room shelves at the Treasury

If you have links to the Thames or Coromandel region, or even New Zealand mining links, I would definitely recommend a visit down there to make use of their research facilities.

Happy hunting



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