Wedding Wednesday: Mr and Mrs Johnston

The engagement of Mr Joseph Boyce Johnston, solicitor, to Miss Pauline Constance Doxey was announced in The NZ Observer's 'Social Sphere by Myra' column published 8 March 1913. Note the incorrect spelling of the bridegroom's surname in the newspaper clipping.

Mr and Mrs J B Johnston
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 31-WP314
The record for this image includes a detailed description of  the couple's wedding attire . . . . 'Mr Johnston wearing a dark coloured jacket and waistcoat, striped trousers, a white shirt with a stand-up collar and tie, flowers in the buttonhole, gloves and holding a hat; Mrs Johnston wearing a light coloured wedding gown with a train on the skirt, a long veil with flowers in her hair, holding a large bouquet.'

New Zealand Herald, 13 June 1913.

Although the entry for this wedding portrait does not refer to Mrs Robertson as the former Miss Doxey, there is no doubt of her identity  -- as there is another lovely image of her in the Schmidt collection from the same year that does provide us with her name.

Miss Doxey, 1913.
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 31-74619
Perhaps this photo was taken to mark the occasion of their engagement?


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