Those Places Thursday:- Sydney Harbour Bridge photos on Ancestry

A treat for your viewing pleasure  on Ancestry is the superb photographic collection of over 2000 photographs documenting the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Work on the bridge began in July 1923 and took nine years.  The images are black and white and were pasted into large albums which now rest with the  Australia state records authority.

The collection on Ancestry documents each part of the process such as the ceremonial turning of the sod by the Minister of Works and opening of the field office, to the completed bridge in March 1932. Along the way we see the excavation and construction,  the horses, carts and motor lorries carting away rubble, the houses at Miller’s Point on the city side and Milson’s Point to the north, trains and even bi-planes and, occasionally, glimpses of the glorious cars and fashion of the time
If you had a relative who worked on the Bridge, you never know, he or she may well be in one of the photographs, along with the thousands of adults and children who walked across the bridge at its opening, to the engineers and officials associated with the iconic “coathanger” over that nine year period.


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