FRIDAY SHOWCASE: New Zealand Card Index

Our Digital Library contains the valuable gem: The New Zealand Card Index which began in the 1950s and closed in 1996. It indexes a range of sources including local and national newspapers, New Zealand periodicals, books and scrapbooks.

The digital version of the New Zealand Card Index provides keyword access to local history, biographical and family history references from sources such as:

  • Auckland scrapbooks (1923 to 1994)
  • New Zealand scrapbooks (1916 to 1975)
  • Obituary scrapbooks (1933 to 1941, 1949 to 1979)
  • the New Zealand Herald
  • the Auckland Star
  • Auckland area suburban newspapers before November 1996.
The main geographical focus is Auckland, but other New Zealand material is also included.

Subject-wise, the database focuses on people, places and organisations. The index includes references to information on Auckland buildings, businesses and places, plus references to obituaries, death notices and marriage notices for 1877 to 1886. 

See also the related database Index Auckland.

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