Central Auckland Research Centre's family histories database

We have over a thousand family histories in our collection donated to the library’s research centre over the years.

The family histories are housed in their own bay of shelves in Central Auckland Research Centre's family history collection under the call number 2 NZL FAM

Each book can be searched for, and found in our normal library catalogue. However, these books contain many more surnames than is able to be included in a catalogue entry.

With the help of our volunteers and casual staff we have been able to make this collection more accessible to our customers by creating a name searchable database. Because of the number of names involved within a family, we have limited the inputted names to five generations only.

At this stage you will need to ask staff at the desk to search the database for you, but it is well worthwhile. A single name search can show the interconnections of New Zealand families with one family name sometimes appearing in half a dozen other families’ histories.

The example below shows some of the results from a search on the family name Williams. It can be found in more than 45 other named family history books, all of them on our shelves.

Eventually, we hope to be able to make the database available in our eResources, so that everyone can search for themselves.

The Central Auckland Research Centre in Auckland’s Central Library is open until 8pm on weekdays and until 4pm on the weekends. Access is free and membership is not required to browse our collections.


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