Additions to the South African family history collection

The Central Auckland Research Centre has 13 new family history eBooks on CD-Rom about South Africa including:

Brothel, lunatic house and slave lodge – the building at the top of Cape Town’s Adderley Street’s many functions under British and Dutch rule are explored in this eBook. It also includes the register of the slave lodge census of 1714, and the death register of lodge slaves spanning 60 years.
Tristan da Cunha, a tiny island in the mid-Atlantic - the most remote inhabited archipelago in the world - was annexed by the British Empire in 1816. This eBook gives an account of life on Tristan da Cunha written by the wife of Missionary Priest Henry Martyn Rogers who landed there in 1922.

This eBook documents British pioneers who made the Cape their home during the first British occupation 1795-1803, and the second occupation beginning in 1806 - after which the country remained a British Colony until the Union of South Africa came into being in 1910.
This first South African Jewish Year Book includes over 700 biographies as well as documenting many aspects of Jewish life such as The Jewish Gold Pioneers, United Hebrew schools, Jews of Griqualand West and Bloemfontein Jewry.

The beauty of such eBooks, is that they are keyword searchable, so you can search for names and places.

These eBooks come from online publishers Ancestry24, (no connection to Ancestrydotcom) who also have a very large amount of online South African genealogical records.


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