Guest post: Preparing for your visit to the Central Auckland Research Centre

Guest contributor: Bridget Simpson

We welcome everyone to our Research Centre. Whether you are a member of our library or a non-member, a resident of Auckland, or a visitor.

We welcome all age groups, and really do enjoy it when we get a school visit.

If you are coming into our Research Centre to do your family history research, it does pay to come prepared.

Sometimes people, adults and schoolchildren, come in unprepared. They have surnames and anecdotal evidence but nothing concrete that we can usefully follow.

If you are coming in, it will make your visit far more satisfactory to do a little bit of preparation before hand. Start with yourself. Sit down with your parents and write down as much as they know (their parents’ names and dates of birth, and places they lived is a good start ).

If you have birth, death or marriage certificates for your ancestors, photocopy them and bring these copies along as well.

Filling in a genealogical tree sometimes makes all the difference to sorting out the different generations and families in your mind. And it’s helpful for us. You can find these free online. Start with what you know and we can then help point you in the various different directions to start filling in the rest.

A digital camera and a memory stick are optional, but very useful tools in our Centre. Sometimes we don’t allow photocopying for preservation reasons, so a digital camera is a good way of getting that vital copy for your records. Memory sticks are handy to save images to, then you have the file forever.

Before you come in, we recommend you read our information pageResearching Your Family History on our website.

Bridget Simpson

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