Sir George Grey Special Collections: Scrapbooking exhibition

"Saved memories: scrapbooks 1570-2011"

Scrapbooking is often a hobby that goes hand in hand with family history research.

As family history researchers, we collect the information to do with our families and individuals within our families.

Instead of sticking these items into files and leaving them in boxes or filing cabinets, what better way than scrapbooking to display them?

Items suitable for scrapbooking, typically, are photos of course, copies of certificates, census records and momentoes. Annotate them with the stories of the individuals as you go along. Its a wonderful way of preserving and passing along your research in a creative way.

Sir George Grey Special Collections on Level 2 (the Heritage floor) of the Central City Library in Lorne Street, is holding a fabulous exhibition "Saved memories: scrapbooks 1570-2011" which began today.

Kate de Courcy, Sir George Grey Special Collections librarian and exhibition curator, says the word "scrap-book" first appeared in the English language in 1825 but books with similar characteristics have been made since the 15th century.
"It is fascinating to see how the practice of preparing scrapbooks has changed through the years," she says.

"What hasn't changed over 500 years though, is that people have continued to collect and display things that are precious to them.

Scrapbooks are compiled for different reasons: from the simplest expression of fancy or taste, to telling an individual’s life story or focussing on a particular area of interest."

The display also highlights a variety of materials used for pages such as paper, cloth and vellum (animal skin prepared for writing or printing) and items added to scrapbooks include photos, paintings, magazine items, feathers, tickets, newspaper clippings, professional scrapbooking items, scraps and cartoons.

The fact that the library holds scrapbooks in the collection from as far back as 1570, is testament that your story could possibly survive way, way into the future by design (if preserved carefully) or even luck and good fortune.

The exhibition runs from 1 December 2011 to 3 March 2012 on level 2 of the Central City Library on Lorne St.

Guided ToursThere are free guided tours on Wednesdays at 12-1pm (until Wednesday 28 February 2012), led by Kate de Courcy.

Viewing times Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10am - 4pm


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