Fabulous new Pacific Island resources: featuring Fiji and Tahiti

This year we have been expanding our Pacific Islands collections.

Recently we acquired birth, death and marriage (BDM) microfilms for Fiji. These include registers for Fijians, Indians and those from other nationalities.

The date range varies but the earliest is from 1871, up until 1989. Search in our classic catalogue using 3 FIJ BDM via the CALL NO field for more comprehensive details.

We also have the British Consul for Fiji and Tonga : BMD index, 1858-1873 in book form as well as Christine Liava'a's Persons born in the Pacific region included in the 1881 British census.

Another new purchase are Punaauia (Tahiti). Officier de l'etat civil 1852-1952 and Punaauia (Tahiti). Officier de l'etat civil 1898-1999 . These are the Civil registrations (births, acknowledgements of children, marriages, deaths) for Punaauia (Tahiti), French Polynesia, on microfilm from the 1850s to 1999.

For Niue, we have the register of baptisms from 1926-July 1947 and the register of church members, 1872-1912 (with additions 1928 & 1945).  We are also lucky enough to have a record of Niuean genealogies, which were created to establish claims of citizenship, land or property rights. There are lists of emigration and of European immigration. Try searching call no 3 NIU for more detail.

We also have BDMs for the Cook Islands from 1849 to 1975 (dependant on area of course) - search our catalogue under call no 3 COO BDM for more details - and for Tonga from the 1830s to the 1980s, including Enemy Aliens in Tonga 1916 (call no 3 TON BDM).

Our Samoan records include BDMs from the 1870s to 1993, European births from 1920 to 1962 and for about the same period Probates (call no 3 SAM BDM).

For more general family history information, try using call no 3 PAC to see what else we hold in our research centre for Pacific Island family history.

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