The growing Canadian family history collection

I've been in this position for just over a year, and am starting to get to know this huge collection reasonably well now. However, nearly every question I am asked still brings me a new opportunity to discover a new resource, which I've previously not used.

Other staff members that have been here a few years tell me that they still find the same . . . Often you don't know the answer to the question until you've been asked. Luckily, as librarians, we're trained to find out for you, or at least point you in the right direction.

Our areas of excellence of course are New Zealand, Australia, the British Isles (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland), and Eire.

We have much smaller collections that cover USA, Canada, South Africa, Pacific Islands and Europe etc. So I've identified that these need building up.

We've made some really useful purchases recently for Canada for example. A few are specifically for Newfoundland, which only joined Canada in 1949.

Recent CD purchases for the area include:
A history of Newfoundland 1895 by D W Prowse

The gazetteer & classified business directory of Canada including Newfoundland, 1930 

Births, deaths & marriages in Newfoundland newspapers, 1810-1890 / compiled by Gertrude Crosbie ; produced and edited by the Maritime History Archive

Lovell's Canadian Dominion directory, 1871

Ships and seafarers of Atlantic Canada  / 
the Atlantic Canada Shipping Project

You can find a complete list if you search on our library catalogue under "call number" for 6 CAN. This will show what resources we have available for Canada. (nb country key = 2 AUS = Australia; 2 NZL = New Zealand; 4 SCOT = Scotland; 4 IRL = Ireland; 4 ENG = England; 4 WLS = Wales; 5 EUR = Europe; 6 USA = The States; 7 RSA = South Africa).

Subject key:AID = Finding Aids/How to books
BDM = Births, deaths and marriages
CEN = Census
DIR = Directories
FAM = Family histories
IMM = Immigration
MAP = Maps an atlases
OCC = Occupations
REL = Religion
SHI = Shipping

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