Waitangi Day Blog Challenge: Your earliest known ancestor

Recently our Australian cousins have all been encouraged to blog about their earliest piece of research about an Australian ancestor in celebration of Australia Day (see Shelley's blog at Twigs of Yore).

We think this is a terrific idea and have noticed that it has provoked participation from loads of people.

Waitangi Day, on February 6, is our national day.

Its intent is to celebrate a bringing together of the peoples of New Zealand and it is usually a family day. Often we spend it on the beach, or maybe have a barbeque with family and friends.

We'd like to invite you to write a blog - post the link to your blog in the discussion board on our facebook page.

If you don't have a blog, perhaps post your story within this discussion board instead. Just click reply.

Write about:
  * How different is our life from that of your early NZ ancestors? (settler or Maori)

  * What stories can you tell us about their lives?


 * If you are first generation New Zealander or maybe a new Kiwi, perhaps you might like to tell us your first impressions of New Zealand and your experiences of settling in here, and how Kiwi traditions and cultures differ from your own.

If you are on Twitter, you can follow the hashtag #waitangiblog for updates and alerts.

Please join us, we'd be interested in hearing your stories!


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