Guest post: Who do you think you are?

Guest contributor: Marie Hickey
For those of you who follow the TV programme Who do you think you are? you may be interested to know that the Australian series is currently showing on UKTV. Unfortunately, Prime have no plans to screen this series but are planning to show the American series in 2010. The Australian series is available on DVD at

Ever wondered about the bits which seem to be missing from the programmes? You can view some of the previously unseen footage at
Click on "about the series" and choose the celebrity whose footage you wish to see. To the right of the text you should see a box which includes "unseen footage". Click on this and watch to your heart's content.

If your ancestor lived in the York area and it was possible that they may have been incarcerated in the Castle prison then this database may be for you. It has three sections and a good explanation of the database is on the site:

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