Guest post: New Barnado's archive service

Guest contributor: Marie Hickey

Children's charity Barnado's has launched a new family history service, offering people the chance to access records of the thousands of children cared for by the organisation since the early 1870s.

An initial search to determine whether your forbear was a Barnado's child costs 15 pounds, with additional charges of twenty to eighty-five pounds to acquire copies of documents or photographs.

A full history package (where available) includes contextual information, a handwritten admission history, a handwritten ledger of correspondence with family and friends, employment records, a photograph of them and of their Barnado's home.

For further information visit the Who do you think you are? magazine website at

1911 Census online

Great news, the census is now complete - all remaining records have been added. These include Guernsey, Isle of Man, the Islands of Alderney, Jersey and Sark and also troops stationed in overseas military bases, and crew serving on Royal Navy ships.

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