Workday Wednesday: Medical Practitioners

Found a NZ doctor lurking in the family tree? There are a couple of very useful research sources that you should know about.

The Central Auckland Research Centre in Auckland Central Library holds a biographical dictionary by Rex Earl Wright-St Clair: Medical practitioners in New Zealand, from 1840 to 1930.  As the quote from the work's preface states: "In this work are listed alphabetically all medical practitioners known to have been in New Zealand between 1 January 1840 and 31 December 1930, whether registered here or not, providing at least one forename is known".

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries
Entries vary in size but typically contain details of education, career and death. In many cases they refer to an obituary in a medical journal.

Which leads us to the second source: the New Zealand Medical Association runs a helpful website offering the NZ Medical Journal online.

It includes an index of obituaries appearing in the NZ Medical Journal 1887-2013 and archived issues of the journal itself from 1999. For an obituary earlier than 1999, the website gives contact details for the NZ Medical Association and states that one-off requests are supplied without charge.


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