Thriller Thursday: New Zealand Family History Month starts tomorrow!

Months of planning and family history month is here tomorrow!

August will be an extremely busy month at Auckland Libraries for family historians.

Have a look at what we have planned for NZ Family History Month at Auckland Libraries:

Family History Month highlights include "The Speaker Series" of more than 122 events where specialist staff travel around the region delivering a wide variety of different topics such as:

  • Auckland Libraries family history eResources;
  • Beginners guide to Ancestry;
  • Beginners guide to FindMyPast; 
  • Beginning your family history;
  • Brick walls: tips and tricks to help solve your family history puzzle; 
  • British Newspaper Archive; 
  • Captives of the Kaiser: Researching Prisoners of War during the First World War;
  • Doing family history: a journey to Matakana; 
  • Family history roadshow; 
  • Hospital records; 
  • Military: The use of the official histories; 
  • Newspapers and magazines for family history; 
  • Pacific Island resources;
  • Passenger lists and immigration; 
  • Poor law; 
  • Probate and wills; 
  • Question and answer sessions; 
  • Researching First World War records; 
  • Researching your Irish ancestry; 
  • Searching for your family on the internet; 
  • Whakapapa storytime; 
  • Whakapapa for adults; 
  • Whakapapa for rangatahi (children)

- several libraries are having multiple events in one day . . . . .
and there are other events including: a youth-focussed "Who do you think Dawson Road is?" at Tupu Youth Library

There are weekly "family history lunchtime sessions" at Central Library instead of the usual fortnightly sessions, themed to commemorate the beginning of the First World War.
And as usual we close Family History Month with the 10th annual Karen Kalopulu Family History Lock-in
where customers are locked in to our Research Library overnight to research their family history all night long!

The Lock-In is great for new researchers and "old-hands" alike - and also an exciting extension for those of you who have already been attending our quarterly Family History Club days.

Its going to be a fun-filled packed month!

Hope to see some of you around and about at our workshops and lectures! . . . bookings at the host library!


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