Workday Wednesday: Old Occupations

Last month I wrote a blog post about revisiting old copies of family history magazines as articles which may not have had relevance at the time could be the very thing you are needing now. This got me thinking about a series of articles which were published in Family Tree Magazine 1987-1994 about old occupations.  

How often do you wonder exactly what a strange occupation on the census or certificate involved?

Of course, there are a number of books which describe different trades and occupations but these usually only give a short explanation. For example, a Cheirothecarius is a glove maker, and most records would use that term, however, the articles give more detail as to what was involved with a particular occupation.

One of life's more perilous occupations.
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, AWNS-19290814-37-2 

Each article is a minimum of one page and some are split into 3-4 parts over several issues.  The occupations covered are varied, there are the usual suspects of agricultural labourer, nurse, shoemaker, midwife, etc but also include: lace cleaning, pugilist, cider maker, Proctor, Chapman, fuller, Mersey Flatmen, and English merchants in Aleppo to name a few.

Have a look at these articles as you never know what you will find and it may be that the mystery which has been put aside may just be solved. 

Do check our catalogue as well as we have a growing collection of books concerning specific occupations.

Marie Hickey

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