Military Monday: Hospital Ships for NZ during WWI

With the ever rapidly approach of 2014 and the start of the WWI commemoration events it is perhaps timely that a book recently received in Auckland should be about New Zealand’s hospital ships.  It is titled The White Ships: New Zealand’s First World War Hospital Ships by Gavin McLean.  There is a reference copy in the Central Auckland Research Centre but there are borrowable copies throughout Auckland Libraries.

This book is very well presented with many photos of ships, crew and some records.  There is a list of their movements 1915-19 as well as what happened to them after the war.

Image from color plate, page c.4.

While I have not read this yet myself, I think that anyone with a connection with these ships will find it invaluable as a matter of interest or to add to their research.

Marie Hickey

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  1. As a Military/Maritime Historian, (with a specialty in military & privately-held hospitals ships of WWI & WWII, I have exhausted the American and European markets regarding hospital ships). However, there's always a rare find that surfaces now and again, and I am pleased to see so otherwise. Member - (Joseph Freas)


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