Was your ancestor one of "Massey's Cossacks"?

"Massey's Cossacks" (many of them farmers or farm workers) were sworn in as "special constables" during the 1913 General Strike.
The New Zealand Government under Prime Minister William Massey used them (mounted on horseback and armed with batons) to protect strikebreakers working on the wharves at Auckland and Wellington.

Manukau Library has an interesting section on its website "Massey's South Auckland Cossacks".

In addition, Auckland City Libraries', "Index Auckland" which indexes material from a wide range of sources, includes the names of those serving in Auckland, which were listed in the "Camp Gazette" publication, giving name, initials and the district from which they came. 

The constables were not just from the Auckland region, as the places mentioned are from as far away as the Waikato and Northland.

Janelle Penney

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