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As some of you will have noticed the home page of the library website has changed recently. This is to allow customers to focus on their chosen areas of interest. The idea is that by creating a web account, you can personalise the home page of the website with the links that you use most frequently. You can also contribute to the blogs and discussion groups with ease and access your library account information all at the same time!

There's a great wee tutorial that only takes a few minutes to watch that explains how to set up the account - having just done it I can vouch that it's very easy – it’ll only take you a few seconds.

After creating an account you can then use the tools or widgets - to personalise the home page. Do this by clicking on the wee spanner symbols on the grey boxes and where you can personalise you will see lists of possible options that you can select to have on the home page.

So for all of you family historians you may wish to add Kintalk as your blog of interest and start adding some comments! You can then adjust the Quick Links for your liking for example Family History eResources and Family History collections may be two you could consider adding. You may also want to add Heritage Special Collections eResources and Heritage Services and Collections as quick links. Others I'd recommend adding include Local History eResources, Local History Research and of course News and Newspapers allowing you quick access to  Papers Past, Australian Historic Newspapers and Nuipepa - Historic Maori newspapers.

You can also use the new titles function to see new books for any particular collection for example Family History - meaning you'll be kept up to date with new items in the collection as they arrive.

If the page is too busy for you, you can of course delete some of the widgets that you don't wish to use.

All of this will only take a few minutes to set up but once it's done it makes life lots easier and gives you access to the collections and items that you use most often from our website ultimately saving you lots of time!

And when you get fed up with the look of your web page you can go back and change the features making sure it always personal and relevant to you.

What a great new cool tool that will undoubtedly save you time and effort in searching for the things you love to use most frequently, leaving all the more time to track these elusive ancestors!

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