Family History Fiction Friday

Take a break from that puzzling family history research and settle down with something that does get solved!
Here are a couple of great looking reads for those who love to indulge their love of family history in the realm of fiction, too. Both of these are available from Auckland Libraries, so place a hold now. Though you'll have to get behind me in the list!

First up, is The Girl from Ballymor. It covers two time periods. First up is Kitty, a widowed mother in 1846 Ireland who is trying desperately to keep her remaining two children alive as famine ravages the land. Cut to the present, and we have Maria, arriving in Ballymor to research her ancestor, a Victorian portrait artist whose mother, the mysterious Kitty, disappeared without a trace. How do these two stories line up, and how are they resolved?  This looks a gripping and emotive read, and for those of you with that interest in Ireland, worth a look. You can check it out on the catalogue here.

Where the Sweet Bird Sings is a family history novel with a different story. Emma is still grieving  over the death of her son to a genetic disorder, a disorder she and her husband carry in their DNA. Now, her beloved grandfather has died, too, and as she helps her mother sort out his house, Emma tries to tie together the pieces of her genealogical puzzle.  Reviewers have called this book a story of love and forgiveness, touching and emotional. Plus there's a Salt Lake City setting... You can reserve your library copy here.
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