Do Over Your Genealogy

The Genealogy Do-Over workbook: Get your genealogy and family history research back on track and still have fun! by Thomas MacEntee UNLOCK the past, South Australia, 2016

When placing books on display or returning them to the shelves, you sometimes come across a title that intrigues you, and this is one such booklet. The author decided to put aside all his family history research and start afresh, using material previously unavailable in a variety of formats. He acknowledges that not all readers may want to do this, so he also addresses the person who wants to re-examine their research methods.

Each month is devoted to a particular task. For instance, month one is setting all previous research aside and preparing to do the research, while month five is citing sources and building a research toolbox - and so on. The author takes you through a variety of steps: he provides website addresses and ideas on how to progress your research, questions to ask yourself along the way, and he illustrates these with examples of pitfalls and successes.

Even if you've been researching for a number of years, this book is well worth reading as it shows methods we should be using for our research. We may have fallen into bad habits and aren't necessarily getting the quantity and quality of results that we would be – if we'd employed better habits! The book is easy to read and I'm sure everyone will get something from it – so give it a try. 

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