Travel Tuesday: 150th Commemoration of the Arrival of the S.S. Viola, Waikato Immigration Scheme

A new title into the Central Auckland Research Centre recently is a book written to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Waikato Immigration Scheme 1864-1865.

The book was published by the Clevedon and Districts Historical Society to coincide with the arrival of the Viola settlers, part of the Waikato Immigration Scheme.

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All Souls Church, Clevedon

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Title: 150th Commemoration of the Arrival of the S.S. Viola in April 1865, 29th March 2015: Commemorative Booklet
Author: Clevedon and Districts Historical Society
Subjects: Viola (Ship), Ships, Auckland, Passenger lists, Immigrants, Genealogy, Clevedon, History
Location: 2 NZL IMM AKD

Abstract from the book:

“In April 1865 a shipload of mainly Lowland Scots arrived in ignorance and hope into the depressed province of Auckland and into the depleted community of the Wairoa. They had come, recruited in advance before confiscation was even finalised, as part of the Northern Waikato Immigration Scheme. Under this scheme, two main inducements were offered to labourers and mechanics. The first was a free passage to Auckland, and free transport from Auckland to the settlement for every settler and his family. The second was free land to be surveyed at Government expense. A quarter or half-acre town grant would be given, plus a ten-acre suburban or rural grant. The immigrants were not allowed to absent themselves from the allotment and were to repay half their passage money in three years. The Viola was one of the last ships to arrive under this scheme,” – ‘Clevedon Sustainable Development Plan Project: European Historical Assessment’, p 36.

In the Research Centre, this book is reference only - but do look in our catalogue to find a borrowable near you

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