Military Monday:- 2014 TransTasman ANZAC Day Blog Challenge reminder

We've been very pleased that we've had lots of positive response to this year's ANZAC Blog Challenge.

Alot of activity has been happening with this blog being shared in a variety of ways - Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and through other blogs to name just a few different ways.

The genealogy and military communities both seem to really get behind this. Every year there are different stories to tell, as people continue their research.

Renowned professional genealogist, librarian and archivist, Shauna Hicks contributes every year and if you look at the comments section of the original 2014 Blog Challenge, you will see she has thrown her hat into the ring yet again and has also mentioned it in her blog "Diary of an Australian Genealogist"

You can see Shauna's last submission at her other blog Shauna Hicks History Enterprises (SHHE Genie Rambles) if you feel you need some inspiration to get you kick started.

You still have plenty of time to honour your chosen ancestor. . . deadline is still a little more than a month away - 26 April.

Happy blogging


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