Treasure Chest Thursday: CD-Rom collection at the Central Auckland Research Centre

CD-Roms form a very valuable and often under-rated part of the family history collection at the Central Auckland Research Centre. We have 6 sets of 8-drawer cabinets filled with them.

Typically they hold databases, or they might be published family histories saved as pdfs. Either way they are very searchable and hold a mine of information often not found online or in a book.

Sometimes these CD-Roms have replaced the microfiche of old.

Here are a selection of CD-Roms that have recently been added to our collection:

New Zealand

Call number                    Title

You'll note that, as with other New Zealand family history resources, these CD-Roms are also available at our other Research Centres, and also some of our community libraries.

Non-New Zealand CD-Roms form part of the international family history collection held within the Central Auckland Research Centre at Central City Library:


Call number                      Title

14 directories of Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, the Ridings, Hull) including these highlights: 


Call number                   Title

South Africa

Call number                   Title

An overview of the Transvaal and the Boer War, including the history of the Boers, and hundreds of photos.

As well as our catalogue, we also have a pdf index of our CD-Rom collection that is kept regularly updated. Please feel free to download the full list.


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