Tuesday's Tip: Irish Townlands

‘Irish townlands are a puzzle and a joy. We shouldn’t throw them away.’

'To foreigners, and direct marketers, Irish townlands can seem like something from Alice in Wonderland. Where in rural Ireland do people live? In a townland. What’s a townland? It’s a place where people in rural Ireland live. The recurrent complaint is that only the local postman understands the local place names. But why exactly should that be a problem?'

Historic map of Ireland 1797 by cartographer Daniel Augustus Beaufort.

Click this link to read John Grenham's comments as posted January 6th on his Irish Roots blog on the place of townlands in Ireland and the current moves to introduce postcodes across Ireland.

For a list of all the materials held at the Research Centre relating to Ireland family history research including land records search the Auckland Libraries catalogue using the call number 4 IRL.


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