Treasure Chest Thursday: Index Auckland

In our Digital Library, Index Auckland is a rich resource of history, art, theatre, film and music references sourced from Auckland area newspapers and journal articles.

The music references provide a comprehensive overview of the musical history of New Zealand and include:

  • music in Auckland scrapbooks from 1890 to 1930
  • New Zealand music scrapbooks from 1960 to 1995
  • music programme collection
  • various journal articles, performance reviews, and newspaper clippings from the New Zealand music vertical file. The local history, biography and family history references include:
  • Auckland scrapbooks 1923 to 1994
  • New Zealand scrapbooks 1916 to 1975
  • obituary scrapbooks 1933 to 1941 and 1949 to 1979
  • pioneer women's roll of honour, Auckland province
  • Maori electoral rolls for the North Island, 1919
  • Auckland city area suburban newspapers, particularly from 1996.

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