Family History Expo Christchurch, 13-14 October 2012

Many of you may be unaware that this event was held recently in Christchurch as part of the rebuild Christchurch programme.  It was hosted by the Family History Society of New Zealand which is a group of about 100 members nationally, with it’s base in Christchurch.

What had started as a small group of libraries, archives and museums getting together to promote their sectors of the community quickly grew and by Saturday 13 October there were 53 exhibitors; including the New Zealand Society of Genealogists, Archives New Zealand, National Library, Find My Past, and Auckland Libraries.  A string of talks were given by different people over the two days covering a variety of subjects from beginning family history to using websites.

Joanne Graves and I attended representing Auckland Libraries.  We really enjoyed ourselves; it was great to see such a range of community archives together in one place.  I was entranced by the young girl in Edwardian costume playing with the games of the period.  There was a group of exhibitors who wore Victorian/Edwardian costume all week-end and by the end on Sunday they were stifling – how did our ancestors cope?

While we were in Christchurch we were lucky enough to be shown around the new Library in Peterborough Street and Archives opposite.  These tours gave us an appreciation of the collections in both places which we were able to use when advising customers over the week-end and also how badly damaged some of the buildings are.  Many of those we spoke to at the Expo had not yet ventured into the new libraries (the main library is split over two sites, the second in Tuam Street) as the on-going shakes have really taken their toll.

Overall, I think that this was a wonderful event, with a great atmosphere - we were pleased to meet so many of you.  Joanne and I are pleased that we were able to attend to support Christchurch and this event.  You can see some more of the photos of the week-end on Auckland Research Centre’s Facebook page.

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  1. I echo Marie's comments. We were very fortunate to go down and meet such a fabulous group of people at such a great event!


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