Hidden treasures - CD-ROMs in the family history collection

In amongst our computers and film cabinets, we have six
8-drawer cabinets full of CD-ROMs containing a mixture
of databases and pdfs of books.

They are hidden treasures, used mainly by the experienced researcher who realises that not everything is online as yet and that family history societies and self-published authors still use CD-ROM technology, as its relatively cheap and easy to make their projects available.

Although all CDs are listed on the library catalogue, we also have a handy index to assist customers  with seeing what is in this unique collection.

The first couple of pages list the newly received CDs which amongst others, include various Berkshire and Oxford parish registers, and a 200 disk set of Stonepics Newfoundland cemetery images and transcriptions - this collection is so large, its in its own black binder and is on top of the CD-ROM cabinets!

If you want to view what we have available in our CD-ROM collection, just click the link here to open the pdf document.

Hope to see you soon . . .

Happy hunting!


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