Wednesday's Child: Those beloved childhood books

Over the holiday period many of you will have been catching up with family and friends, talking about old times etc or you may have been doing some family history research on the rainy days.

I was researching a branch of my family when I found an artist of some renown who produced
humorous illustrations of animals which reminded me of the pictures in books I read as a young child.  Consequently, this got me thinking about the type of books I read that children probably don’t read these days and how these and the household goods we had would be completely foreign to children now so we should be including these in anything we write about our past.
Therefore, I’m going to indulge myself and here are some of the books I read (4-7 years)–some you may know but I hope it reminds you of some of your favourite books from childhood. 
Books by Willy Schermelé. In fact, a search on the internet shows that I had several books by this author–Teddy Tar in Fairyland, Tubby and Tootsie, Winkie and Brownie Bright Eyes, Winkie and Wolly Wopsie.  Turns out that these are now all collectible so must check the condition of my copies.

I also enjoyed the Angus series about a Scottish terrier

Another favourite about a dog was Harry who destroyed a jersey with roses on it in one book and turned from a white dog with black spots to a black dog with white spots in Harry the Dirty Dog. I also enjoyed the Orlando series. Several French books I loved were the Jeanne-Marie series, the Happy Lion, series and who could forget Madeline?

Finally, a couple of stories set in China that I enjoyed were -

I hope this may have triggered memories of books read to you, or by you, as a young child.

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