Family history Friday:- Free genealogy app for children

Sharing family stories with your children is a great way of connecting with them, and also connecting them with their past. Often it sparks an interest in history as children begin to understand the context of the times that these family members lived in.

Children are very adept at technology, and frequently learn about the cool apps before the adults do. Many games and educational tools are developed for them, with some taking off and becoming a craze.

A new app out, is Little Family Tree which is designed to help teach younger kids about their family relationships and personal heritage using photos, games and activities pitched at their level.

It requires log-ons to connect to a family tree in FamilySearch or PhpGedView and offers five games for free, with an additional five games for $US3.99.

Great fun!

Read Thomas MacEntee review on Geneapress for a broader perspective.

Happy hunting


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