Thankful Thursday: 2015 Trans-Tasman Anzac Day Blog Challenge

This year's blog challenge is late - primarily due to the fact that in March I was attending the 2015 AFFHO Congress (Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations) in Canberra (more about that in a later blog), and there was much I had to do to prepare before I left.

The 100th anniversary of the First World War has meant there has been a huge flurry of activity to make research resources available worldwide.

A large number of books have been reprinted, some have been revised and updated and a number have been newly written.

My Family History shelves are groaning with new resources, and I know that other non-fiction and reference collections throughout Auckland Libraries are similarly bulging with new books.

Here at Auckland Libraries we have created a webpage on our website devoted to the centenary commemorations, which includes links to a themed page or new and recommended reading list including selected family history titles. This is just a small sample of new items we have - we have many more resources on the shelves.

Additionally, we also have developed the Our Boys, Your Stories website, where we have curated digitised versions of our collection.

Have a look at the Resources page on the Our Boys website to see what has been developed to assist you! Particularly the "Our Boys, Our Families" research guide that has been developed to assist you with your research. Feel free to download the guide to your computer.

Anzac Day is the day that is a national day of remembrance for Australians and New Zealanders who died during armed conflict.

This is the fifth year that Auckland Libraries and the Kintalk blog have issued a Trans-Tasman Anzac Day Blog Challenge.

Do you have a story to share about an Anzac?

Stories we'd like to hear about could be about their service, or the way their sacrifice shaped or impacted on their family history. Maybe you want to blog from the perspective of those that were left behind?

Your story doesn't have to involve a serviceperson who lost their lives - during times of war, families had all sorts of experiences.

And you can write about those who also served in other wars, as all who served in Australia and New Zealand are now recognised as Anzacs.

Maybe you have written about your Anzac before, and have more research to add to the story?

To participate:
  • See if your service person is included in the Our Boys website. If he/she is please create a free account and add your story or
  • Write a blog post about an serviceman or woman and/or their family, and the impact war had on their family's story or
  • Post a comment with the URL to your blog on the comments section of this post or
  • If you don't have a blog then you can email us your story at and we will share it for you
  • Publish your post by 26 April 2015.

After Anzac Day, all submissions will be listed in a summary posting on Auckland Libraries' Kintalk blog.

Just to get you started, see recommended resources for New Zealand and Australian research, within the Auckland Libraries Libraries Digital Resources. 

Access great online resources: 
The virtual exhibition consists of "albums" containing photos/images and documents. Virtual albums entitled "Gallipoli", "Lest We Forget", "New Zealand Maori Battalion", "Peace", "Postcards" and "Returned Services Association". Also has a portal for searching content nationwide from organizations such as libraries, archives, museums and galleries, including Auckland Libraries. Courtesy DigitalNZ. 

For references to articles and other resources regarding WWI and WWII. 

Manuscripts Online 
For diaries, letters, postcards and albums

And Papers Past and Trove for newspapers of the time.

Within the library catalogue: Auckland Libraries, search using World War, 1914-1918 or World War, 1939-1945 to find suitable resources. 

Try searching our library catalogue, using call number: 2 NZL MIL and 2 AUS MIL for more.

For other sites, look at:
Helen Vail's blog 100 NZ WW1 Memorials 1914-2014 is a mine of information about WW1 memorials, and individuals that she has researched. Helen's goal is to personally visit and collate information from 100 New Zealand World War One Memorials throughout New Zealand by August 2014 to commemorate the 100 year Anniversary of the start of World War One and to honour those who paid the ultimate price.

Have a look at Auckland War Memorial Museum's Armoury Resources page, and search and see what's new in the revamped Cenotaph database.

Hopefully this will inspire you and provide you with some assistance in writing your blog!

The centenary of the First World War - 2014-2018

The Ministry of Culture and Heritage has developed projects to assist with commemorations, WW100 is providing a portal for New Zealanders who want to be involved in the commemorations, and NZ History Online provides a place for our school children to go to for homework and study assistance.

You may remember reading about the launch  last year of New Zealand's WW100 on our sister blog Heritage et AL .

It’s worth considering how else you might want to contribute to commemorating, and ensuring that your stories are collected.

Each country will have its own WW100 commemorations, so if your ancestor was involved serving for another country, see what you can find out about that that country is doing.

Have a look at Britain Remembers, and the Imperial War Memorial Museum's Lives of the First World War . Have a look at the Prisoners of  the First World War website.

FindMyPastAU and Inside History magazine have a joint initiative to create an ANZAC Memory Bank  and invite people to contribute.

Remember Ancestry, Findmypast and the Genealogist are all free to use with Auckland Libraries.

Blog away

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  1. Phew, mine took quite a while to put together.

    Thanks for the challenge.

  2. Here's my contribution to the Trans-Tasman Anzac Day Blog Challenge

  3. here is my link

    thanks for setting this up.


  4. Hi, After visiting the Memorial on ANZAC parade when I was at AFFHO in March I decided to blog some of the pictures I took and some thoughts about ANZAC instead of writing about one person. Seeing all the memorials made me more aware of the men and women involved, the time span and ANZAC alliances. Being a Kiwi living in Australia I really like the NZ Memorial "Each of us at the handle of the basket”. Sharing our joint history at Regards Fran

  5. I'm a bit late but here tis...


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