Treasure Chest Thursday: Chinese Family History

This morning in the Central Auckland Research Centre I took a telephone call from a customer who, after I had dealt with her enquiry, asked if I knew her story of being the first baby to survive the Fuji Village prisoner of war camp in Bahau, West Malaysia, during WWII. I had to confess that I didn't know her story, but told her I would investigate it as soon as possible.

I began my search and didn’t have to go far because one of the wonderful things about the Auckland Libraries website is the Digital Library.  It was there that I discovered a great website tucked away under “C” – Chinese Digital Community.

This website was jointly created by the New Zealand Chinese Association of Auckland Inc and Auckland Libraries. It contains historical and contemporary information, articles, images, audio, video, documents and web links about New Zealand's Chinese Community. Including a section on Chinese Family History.

Just one click to the Family History section and there was an array of family stories to choose from, which I found made excellent reading. The customer's story was there, and the stories of many others who have told of their experiences in New Zealand and beyond.

So if you have an interest in Chinese family history or if you would just like to read some interesting tales, I recommend that you find a moment to explore this website.


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