Tuesday's Tips:- Beginning your family history part 1

a series of tips on getting started . . . .

3/4 group portrait of Jonkers family with
Private Cyril Gladwin Jonkers, Reg No 12/3372,
of the Auckland Infantry Regiment, 8th Reinforcements.
The older woman is possibly his mother
Agnes Campbell Jonkers.

Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 31-J1890

Start with what you know and work backwards

  • Yourself
  • Siblings
  • Parents
  • Parents siblings
  • Grandparents
  • Grandparents siblings
  • Great-grandparents

Write down names, and any birth, marriage or death dates that you know of.

If you have any certificates or other documents that prove these details for each person, make a note of this also.

  • Interview your relatives to fill in any blanks - collect any anecdotal family stories as well as any facts
  • Ask your family if anyone else has done any previous research
  • Take all information you are given with a grain of salt, till you've proved it
  • Ask for copies of any family documents they might have 
  • Record women with their maiden names
  • Surnames are recorded in CAPS. This is so you can easily identify first name and surname - many names are interchangeable
  • Date format: 7 Jun 1876 - genealogy is an international pursuit, and 07/06/1876 means 6 Jul 1876 in some countries like the States
  • If you only know an approximate year, note it as c1876 or abt 1876 
  • Place format: Ellerslie, Auckland, New Zealand or London, England, UK.
    If you just write London - someone might think you mean London, Ontario, Canada, or somewhere else
  • Verify, check and double check all information
  • View original or official sources
  • Cite your sources: where did you get your information from?
  • Concentrate on one line at a time – retain focus!

    Happy hunting


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  1. Great tips Seonaid, I'm saving this post to Evernote.


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