Wedding Wednesday: Post Marriage

Newspaper masthead from Papers Past.

Family events in the news . . .

As we all know not all weddings lead to marriages with the 'happily ever after' outcome, and for some couples, parting ways through divorce is a preferred ending.

Back in the day when divorces were processed in public courts rather than family court, the cases especially the more 'salacious' ones tended to be published on 'page 5' of the tabloid newspaper, New Zealand Truth. A common reason for divorce was adultery, but also included desertion and living apart for more than seven years.

NZ Truth, 9 January 1930.

We have a 20 year period from 1946 to 1966 of divorce information extracted from the NZ Truth newspaper on microfiche in the Central Auckland Research Centre. So, if you find that your family history research leads you to searching for a divorce file, you may want to see if it was written up in the tabloids.


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