Workday Wednesday: Pipe and Drain Tradies

Are there any plumbers or drainers in your family's history?

There is a quirky gem of a magazine in our heritage serials collection titled NZ Plumbing Heating & Ventilation Review.

In the No 4 April 1964 publication, one of my colleagues spotted an article Old Letter Revealed Merchant Firm's Origin,  the old plumber merchant's letter was actually found hidden in a desk drawer at the premises of George McCaul Limited, whose office was located on Wellesley Street.

For anyone who has visited us at the Central Auckland Research Centre, you will know that we are located at the intersection of Wellesley and Lorne Streets; in fact George McCaul Ltd traded from a building which was demolished in order to make way for Auckland's new library.

There are many articles in the NZ Plumbing Heating & Ventilation Review featuring local companies, their employees and business advertisements. Some of the editions are indexed and searchable through the Index Auckland database.

Plumbing work by journeymen students, 1905.
Sir George Grey Special Collections.
Auckland Council Archives which is also located in the same building as the Research Centre, has an online name searchable database of plumbers and drain-layers. Click this link to access the Auckland City Council License Register of Plumber and Drain Connectors 1904-1921 database.  The record details include the person's qualification, for example journeyman, and whether they held a full or provisional license as a plumber, drainer, or drain connector. 


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