Sentimental Sunday: 80 Years of Togetherness

First of all, Happy 80th Birthday to both Mr Tony and Mrs Helen Dunn of Whangaparaoa!

At the Research Centre we often get information requests from customers and this particular one had a lovely story that accompanied it so I thought it would be nice for our readers to enjoy.

The Dunn family contacted Auckland Libraries with the hopes of locating a copy of the birth notices for Tony and his wife Helen (nee BELLINGHAM) for their upcoming birthday celebrations as they were both born in April 1934.

Their daughter Tonya shared with me the family's story about these birth notices ...
My Grandmother (Jean nee Foote Bellingham), tore the original clipping of the birth notice out from the paper after Mum (Helen Bellingham) was born, making sure that she had the entry for her daughter's birth.
Alot of years later someone (probably my Grandmother --Jean Bellingham), was going through all her old newspaper clippings, had a look through and saw that the birth notice not only included Mum (Helen), but Dad (Tony) as well!  Interesting as they were both born in different places in NZ, and on different days (my mums parents were late getting their birth notice in the paper) -- throughout the years us kids were told of the story but the original newspaper clipping has been mislaid.
Their birth announcements were published in the Monday, 9 April 1934 edition of the New Zealand Herald and indeed it was true -- they were together in the birth announcement column with just one other entry between their family names.

Helen and Tony met at teachers training college, became engaged and were married on 25 January 1958 in Auckland at the Onehunga Presbyterian Church. 

The couple on their wedding day.
It is quite a nice thought that perhaps they were destined to be together since birth.

Mr & Mrs Dunn kindly gave us permission to post their story on Kintalk and thank you also to Tonya for supplying us with the lovely family photographs.


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