Those Places Thursday: Did your ancestors come from Oxfordshire?

Are you like me and have links to Oxfordshire?  Have you had a look at the libraries catalogue to see what resources we have for this county?  If not, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Apart from the usual suspects of parish register transcripts (whole county), monumental inscriptions, wills and census, what else do we have?

Kirtlington Park, Oxfordshire
Sir George Grey Special  Collections, Auckland Libraries AWNS-19390104-40-1 

Among the collection we have the following and there is something for everyone:

Alumni Oxonienses (Oxford University)
Banbury constables 1775-1925
Bastardy papers
Boat People of the Oxford Canal
Coroners Inquests 1820-37
Constabulary recruitment register 1857-1904 (includes some photographs)
Freemen of the City of Oxford 1663-1997
militia rolls
Oxford City Police Court minute book 1837-42
indexes to Poor Relief (Henley-on-Thames)
Probate records
Quarter Sessions 1687-1830
Victoria County history (these include information about flora, fauna, history, manors, occupations, churches etc)

"The People of …" series include transcriptions of many different records eg settlement records, early censuses, list of the poor, confirmations, poll books, etc.

All of the above are on the shelves/CD drawers in the Central Auckland Research Centre but there are other titles available throughout the library system such as Lark Rise to Candleford (good for getting a “feel” for life in rural Oxfordshire) and if you don’t feel like reading the book it is available on DVD.

Just a word of warning, some parishes which were in the ancient county of Oxfordshire are now in Berkshire – check Phillimore’s Atlas and Index of Parish Registers for pre-1974 boundaries.

Marie Hickey

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