Amanuensis Monday:- the family history of the Waghorns of Canterbury

We have a lot of delicious family histories that have been donated to us, or purchased by us, in our collection. They come in every shape, size and format.
When we receive a new family history we pop the details of it into our family history database. In this database we input the family names of generations of a family. It’s a wonderful tool for searching for a surname that may be found in someone else’s family history - that also happens to be yours!

At the moment I am indexing a “door stopper” of a family history called
From River Thames, England to Peninsula waters, Canterbury, New Zealand : the story and history of Arthur and Louisa Waghorn, 1850-2000 onwards by Virgina Mayo.

In her forward, the author Virgina Mayo writes, “I make no apology for mistakes and the lack of much background history – our elder generations did not keep diaries and so the recording of their lives and the early happenings are lost – we can only piece together with a lot of guess work their early days and times in New Zealand.”

At 690 pages there has been a lot more than guess work in this family history. Full of clear illustrations, maps, genealogical trees, portraits, memorabilia (including autograph books and a photo of Louisa Waghorn’s best black satin hat) the book is much more than the history of a family.

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    1. Hi Annelise - done! Apologies, no idea why this blog pubished in a smaller font than normal.

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