Tombstone Tuesday - the Ehrenfried family

Mike Coleman was recently in the Auckland City Harbour News. His ancestors headstones were one of the 20 recently vandalised in the Jewish section of Symonds Street Cemetery.

In the article, Mr. Coleman mentioned that the Ehrenfried’s were early Auckland settlers and related to him in a direct line on his father’s side.

I thought it would be an interesting little to task to see what we have immediately accessible through our website on this family.

Searching our Symonds Street Cemetery database I found references to Elizabeth Davis Ehrenfried, Louis Ehrenfried, and Bernhard Ehrenfried. We have a photograph of their headstone at the library.
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries

Our Auckland Area Passenger Arrivals database has a C. Ehrenfried and a J. Ehrenfried from the Addresses to Sir George Grey, stating they arrived in Auckland in 1862.

Louis Ehrenfried/ Ehrehfried is on the 1881 Electoral Roll with properties in the Waikato, Newton, and Thames (note the different surname spellings, I find it pays to search with browse if it’s an option).

There are mentions in Papers Past to the family, notably a business, Compbelle Ehrenfriede Co. Ltd., but also the attempted rape of Louis’s wife.

A search in our indexes, Index Auckland and the New Zealand Card Index, revealed a wealth of information on the family. These are abstracts to resources we have here in the Central Auckland Research Centre and can be accessed for free by coming in or requested online.

And this is just the very beginning...


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