Social history is about the stories - Dominion Road stories

I often talk to people about how to begin family history research.

Part of family history research is interviewing family members to get their stories as well as the "facts". I recommend that people record these stories to keep with their research.

I often tell people that genealogy plus stories equals family history.

Recording interviews and people's stories is also called "Oral History". There is something quite special about hearing that person's voice in years to come. A voice can add so much more to the story, than the written word.

Oral histories are recorded to capture a community's history - what was life like in your town at that time? or to capture an event such as memories of a War.

This weekend, Auckland Libraries' is running the Dominion Road Stories at the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall. Its going to be heaps of fun!

Storytellers are invited to share and record their memories and stories of Dominion Road with our friendly team of oral historians. Anyone can be a storyteller.

Relax and enjoy Dominion Road stories, a short film by AUT University students, check out the poster exhibition of Dominion Road shopkeepers, and travel down memory lane through a collection of heritage photos of the area.

So come along and join in on this free community event! Read more about it here.

For enquiries and bookings to have your story recorded, please email or phone Oral Historian Sue Berman at Auckland Libraries on 09 440 7056.


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