Tombstone Tuesday: Kensey, Halstead, Stevenson at St Andrew's Church, Epsom

Heritage Images database
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 4-RIC260

Showing the graves and tombstones of Elizabeth Kensey, Anne Dines Halstead, James Stevenson, James Percy Stevenson, Richard Dines Halstead, and Leigh Dines Halstead at St Andrew's Church, Epsom.

The tombstone of James and Annie Jackson is partly visible in the background.

The inscriptions read:

Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth, relict of the late Thomas Kensey and mother of Anne Dines Halstead. Died 27th July 1878 aged 80 years.

The Lord shall be thine everlasting light, and the days of thy morning shall be (rest obscured).

Affectionate remembrance of James Percy, infant son of the late James Stevenson, died April 187-, aged 9 months 17 days.

In affectionate remembrance of James Stevenson, son-in-law of the late L.D. Halstead who departed this life Nov 14th 1875 aged 33 years. (The rest of the text is obscured).

Sacred to the memory of Richard Dines, the second and beloved son of Leigh and Annes Dines Halstead who was killed by a fall from a horse, March 20th 1871 aged 14 years. (The inscription for Leigh Dines Halstead is obscured)

In loving memory of Anne Dines Halstead who departed this life 22nd August 1890 after long suffering which she bore with sweet patience and Christian resignation

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